Internet Essentials

DU Meter - Track your bandwidth usage with graphs and statistics
CuteFTP - Long-establised FTP application
OmniSecure - Web server

File Sharing Programs

Shareaza - File sharing
LimeWire - File sharing
BitTornado - Download torrents

Multimedia Essentials

Winamp - Multimedia player
Real Player - For streaming Real media files
xVid - Video codec binaries for Windows
DivX - Commercial video codec
ID3-TagIT - Create and edit ID3 tags for mp3 files
Edit Studio - Full video editing suite
VideoRedo - Edit mpeg2 video files without length decoding and recoding
VirtualDub Mpeg2 - For quick trimming and editing of video files
KabCam - Simple webcam software
Riva FLV Encoder - Create streaming Flash video files
DigiTV - Watch and save DVB-T broadcasts on your PC

System Utilities

Avast Anti-Virus Software - Full virus protection
NotepadEx - An enhanced replacement for Windows' Notepad
Icon Restore - Save desktop icon positions and restore them when they move
PowerToys - Essential utilities for Windows XP
MagicDisc - Create virtual discs to access disc images
MotherBoard Monitor 5 - Keep track of cpu temperatures and fan speeds
Nero - Create all manner of CDs and DVD
Spambayes - Self-learning spam filter plug-in for Microsoft Outlook
VIA Drivers - Essential drivers for VIA based motherboards